Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is modern medical imaging technique that uses a powerful magnetic field, radio waves and computer to produce three dimensional detailed anatomical images of the inside of your body. MRI does not use X-rays or any other form of radiation, therefore, this method is safe, without any side effects. MRI scanning is painless and it is possible to repeat it several times.
MRI technology produces detailed anatomical images that help to determine the cause of your problems, so that the doctor can start promt and appropriate treatment. During the examination you can hear some noises such as knocking, tapping or banging noise, which is not dangerous at all.
MRI examination is usually done if a doctor- specialist (orthopedist, neurologist, traumatologist, rheumatologist)- has reffered you for an examination. He gives you a request for MRI examination. If you do not have a request from a doctor and you would like to undergo MRI scanning, do not worry. Our centre offers an examination for patients without request as well. Before every examination, you have to fill in MRI Safety Screening Questionnaire (can be find here), you can either fill it at home and take with you to the examination or we will provide you a copy in our centre and you can fill in just before the examination. If you would like to make an appointment for MRI exam call us +421 948 930 363, Monday-Friday 7:00- 15:00.
Before examination, you will be asked to fill in MRI Safety Screening Questionnaire. You can find questionnaire here. Due to the preparations required, please arrive 15 minutes before examination. The length of the exam depends on the type of study being performed, usually between 15-50 minutes.
Upon arrival, you need to remove all jewelry and metal objects (including wallet, purse, keys, phone and other electronic devices, hairpins, barrettes, hearing aids, eyeglasses, dental pieces and any medication patches that may contain metal backing). Women may be asked to remove make-up, because some cosmetics may contain metallic particles.
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After you have removed all metal objects, the technologist positions you on a special table and the exam starts.
Please, do not move during the examination! Even slight movement can make the images blurry. Breathe calmly and follow the instructions of the radiographer. If you do not feel comfortable, inform the staff.
The rusult of the examination consists of two parts, images and doctor's description. You get a CD with images immediately after the examination, whereas we will send you doctor's description in 3 days/24 hours.

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