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MRI examination is usually done if a doctor specialist has reffered you for an examination. No special preparation is needed prior to the exam. Please wear loose clothing without zippers or metallic parts. In case you have already undergone MRI /CT / X- ray/ ultrasound examination, please bring your medical records with you.
Magnetic resonance works with a strong magnet and radio waves, therefore, patients with pacemakers, defibrillators or other implanted electronic devices cannot be scanned using magnetic resonance imaging. Dangerous are also cochlear (ear) implants, some types of clips used for brain aneurysms, some types of metal coils placed within blood vessels, metallic bodies in the eye etc. Any metallic part on you can affect the quality of the diagnostic images. It can also cause discomfort or even injury to you and personnel when placed into the metallic field. Please, inform us about any metallic parts in your body prior to the examination.
The first trimester of pregnancy is also a contraindication against the examination. Otherwise, MRI scanning can be done during the pregnancy after the consultation with your doctor and MRI radiologist.
Call us +421 948 930 363 between 7:00 - 15:00. In some cases it is possible to agree on exam outside regular opening hours.
Yes, an access to our MRI centre is barrier free, accessible to a wheelchair user.
Yes, it is possible. There is no age limit, however, a child has to lie perfectly still since even slight movement can make the images blurry. Therefore it is not suitable for infants and young children. It is possible for a parent to be with a child in the scan room.
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