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Welcome to the website of a new modern medical centre MRI Point s.r.o. that came into being in March 2017.You can find us in the building located on main, central car park of ski resort Jasná, in the beginning of Demänovská valley. Free parking places are available in front of the building and entrance to the facility is fully accessible to a wheelchair user.
MRI Point s.r.o., Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Our medical centre provides diagnosis of muskuloskeletal diseases through the method of magnetic resonance imaging. Highly specialized MRI apparatus is installed on the workplace, intended to provide complete examinantion of the muskuloskeletal system. We provide diagnosis of:

  • spine
  • joints (knee, shoulder, ankle, elbow, hip joints, small joints of hands and feet)
  • muscles and tendons
  • and other parts of muskuloskeletal system
Our goal is to provide health care services in a pleasant environment, with the newest modern technical equipment. We guarantee flexible, individual and professional approach to each patient.
Health care in our centre is available for residents of Liptovský Mikuláš and surrounding areas, as well as for home and foreign tourists. Liptov region offers a wide range of sport activities throughout the year and it is visited by the tourists from different parts of the world. Did you have an injury during your holiday in Liptov region? Have you got hurt when doing some sports activity?Does your situation require quick and exact diagnosis of your problem in order to prevent unnecessary surgery and poorly chosen treatment? Come to our medical centre where we can provide quick, exact and accurate diagnosis.
MRI radiographer – Bc. Stanislav Hyka
MRI radiographer – Bc. Miroslav Moravčík
Receptionist – Mgr. Adriana Nezníková

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+421 948 930 363

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